How to search for an employee record?

This is applicable to employees whose onboarding status maybe pending or completed under the 'View Status' screen

I. From the main homepage, select the menu 'EMP Onboard'
II. Click the tab 'View Status' on top (or) the 4th big menu 'View Status' in the middle of the screen
III. Initially click 'More Options'
IV. Then click the 'Clear' button in order to clear all the values. At this point, the value of the field 'Work Status' would automatically change from 'Active' to 'All'.
V. Next type the 'First name' and 'Last name'
VI. Then, change the value of the field 'Onboarding status' from 'new hire' to 'All'.
VII. This is because those new hires who have been converted to an employee cannot be viewed under 'New hire'.
VIII. Finally, click the 'Go' or 'Search' button