User account suspended- Reactivation

Reactivating a suspended user account:

Your HR user account can get blocked or suspended for suspicious activity or repeated login failures. An unsuccessful login may occur when the incorrect password or credentials are entered multiple times.

Your system administrator may also block your access to your user account.

To reinstate your account, kindly contact your system administrator and request for the reactivation of your account.

Steps to reactivate a suspended user account.

Note: Only an account administrator or a user with access to user accounts can reactivate an account.

  1. To regain access to your account, log in as an administrator and navigate to the user administration module.
  2. Search by first name or last name of the user.
  3. User record will be displayed. Select the status drop down box and set the user from Inactive to 'Active' and save the record.
  4. You should see the suspended status changed to 'No' in the user account page.